Homework is turning my head sideways, and right now, I’m not sure I can handle it. I keep asking myself who I can call for help. I am sure it is not the teacher that gave the assignment that will guide me through the homework. Now is the question, should my parents help with my homework? 

Everyone wants independence, but the autonomy of my homework is not totally a good idea. Involving my parents can cost me so much, but their help is needed, and their guidance is essential. Well, I will say yes to that question. I need my parent’s help with my homework and sometimes I need help with tests and exams at even more. Their assistance can help me get engrossed in the work.

To help the child get over the quantity of assignment given the parents have to learn a few things and get accustomed to the pattern so as not to do more than they are expected to do

  • Communication is paramount to building intimacy, and the parents can only get to understand their child if only they communicate well with the child. During discussions, the parent should make concrete structure and schedule for the homework given. This step is vital to keep the child accountable to the parent and also to themselves.
  • While preparing for a structured pattern for the homework, the parent should ensure that a proper and precise instruction board is made and emphasize the importance of following the instructions. In other words, limits are set accordingly, and it is followed squarely.
  • Repetitive activity can be strenuous, but then it enhances effectiveness and also builds perfection. To successfully monitor the child’s development, the parents should make a daily commitment to access and revise the child’s school work together with the child. Patiently, the parent should listen to the child’s view about the things learnt in school and how much they understand the concepts. Likewise, tenderly get to know how they plan to read over the work before the day runs to an end.
  •  Limits and deadlines should be put in place to encourage self-discipline and goal setting. Also, make sure that the timelines are feasible and achievable.
  • Though this may be difficult and time-consuming, the presence of the parents is highly valuable, especially during the study hours and homework solving. Stay with the child when answering the homework. Your presence as a parent and guardian will help you notice crucial things and also help you manage the child’s ability. It will also help you correct the child when required and encourage them to do better.
  • Lastly, the place of communication with the teacher is likewise essential and aids better support to the child. Please keep track of the child’s progress with their teacher to know their comment about your child and also your child’s performance in school. 

So yes! With the knowledge and understanding of the tips above, parents can support their child with their homework from school.


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