Would you wish to learn French? Are you looking for the best books to use to sharpen your French or learn it from scratch? If so, then this article might help you out immensely. We have researched the best books to learn French in the 21st century and combined them to develop this article. The books are pretty practical for beginners, amateurs, and advanced learners.

Through time, many people who have tried to master languages have attested to the pressure of finding effective books to use. While reading and then writing in a book is pretty effective when it comes to mastering languages. The stress of finding books still remains. However, we have researched and identified some pretty efficient French books that you can use to master the language. Of course, there are thousands of books available in the market that cater to French alone. However, the sampled ones are pretty efficient compared to the rest. They are also quite effective in more ways than one.

Choosing the right language studying books requires you to put into consideration a couple of factors. Some of these factors include:

  1. The book’s quality
  2. Learning preferences
  3. Learning level

The list of factors goes on, but the list above entails the most important factors.

Hence we have developed a list that is based upon all these factors. To ensure that we cater to all learners, each book has a different format and approach. The books target a wide range of learners; hence at least one will most definitely interest you.

Le Bon Usage

The book was published originally back in 1936; it is referred to as the French grammar bible. The book is pretty thorough actual it is the best in terms of being thorough compared to other grammar books that are French-based.

The book has later on been republished a couple of times. It is a must have for translators due to its effectiveness. The book is pretty well such that even the natives use it to clarify French grammar.

Le Bon Usage is hence suitable for learners of all levels.

Le Petite Grevisse

The Le Petite Grevisse book is one of a kind. It covers French grammar for advanced learners. However, the book is written in a less complicated manner. Hence it can also be used by beginners.

Intermediate French for Dummies

Laura K Lawless authored the book. The book covers intermediate to high-beginning French grammar. What makes the book even more unique is the fact that it contains practice exercises as well as lessons.

Collage: Revision de Grammaire

Even though the book is not as good as Le Bon Usage, Collage has pretty good explanations compared to other books. The book explains everything in simple terms such that even beginners can easily grasp the contents of the book. What’s more, the book also has practice exercises and dozens of exercises.

Manuel de Composition Francaise

Are you having trouble sharpening your writing skills in French? Well, here is a book that can help you out. Manuel de composition Francaise helps you write French better. The book also entails great grammar explanations. The grammar explanations mainly emphasize on vocabulary and verbs.

Langenscheidt Pocket French Grammar

The book is pretty tiny, hence the term pocket French grammar. But even with this size, the book still covers detailed explanations on intermediate and beginner French grammar. The book also contains a section of synonyms, effective communication, false cognates, idioms, and so on.


French books flood the book market. However, the books reviews in this article are pretty effective. When used effectively, you will gain French mastery within no time.

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