One of the highly respected courses to study in the university is the law. This is a course that is widely respected all over the world and graduates that complete the study can hold their heads tall wherever they find themselves in the outside world. Many consider the study of law as a complicated venture because of the scope of coverage of the program.

It is believed that law students live their lives in the library and from there go out for functions that are related to the pursuit of their degree in law. They end up sitting for the qualifying exams that will make them professionals.

  • What is Law?

The concept of law touches virtually all the areas of human endeavor without leaving out an inch. The law student is expected to tackle the most problematic and seemingly irresolvable issues about everyday living. The law student is not prepared for their legal careers alone; they are prepared for a wide range of professional roles and life in general.

  • Degrees in Law

There are several disciplines that you can take to under the law depending on the environment that you find yourself in. In general, LLB is awarded in most countries of the world. The award of this degree will qualify the candidate to take the national Bar exams that will qualify the student to practice law in the country.

In some countries, BA in law or BSc is applicable. The names can be used interchangeably and they refer to the same degree in law recognized all over the world. In some universities, they differentiate between LLB and BA law programs. LLB focuses exclusively on law and allows the students to take courses that focus on humanities in later years of their study. In the US and Japan, Juris Doctor is applicable. The legal studies in such countries are focused at the graduate level. The students earn JD to practice.

  • Expectations from Law degrees

The law program in the universities starts with compulsory core courses that are most relevant to the study. The opportunity to choose more courses that are tailored to a particular career will come up later on during study. Teaching takes several dimensions. It can be through seminars, group work, presentations, class debates, lectures, and several more.

Included is practical law training in courtroom settings which will enable students to achieve the best skills in research and analysis; argument formation and public speaking. Some of the universities will allow their students to spend a year abroad. This is mandatory for students that are combining law with the study of a foreign language. 

Some of the institutions may also allow their students to work with real-life clients. This will serve as a way of gaining the desired exposure needed to make an impact in the practice of law. It can be seen that the law degree program is targeted at preparing the students both in theory and in practical terms to be suited for the challenges that will come up during the study. 


Law presents an interesting course of study with the diverse challenges that it throws at the feet of the students. The law graduate is expected to know a lot about humanity and their ways of behavior aside from the area of specialization. The course content is wide.


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