Aizuchi Playbook: Brand Your Business with Story

Would you like more people to better understand the great work you do?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I believe that most business leaders have amazing stories that would build their brand distinctly; if only they would share those stories with purpose.

Many experts out there tell business people to go ahead and use stories, but they don’t necessarily show how the average person can do it. That really frustrates me. So I wrote this playbook –  to walk you through the steps to develop a story strategy that is tailored for you and your organization. Business stories are not just for Hollywood actors, global CEOs and politicians. A story strategy is a must-have for everyone today.

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  • 111 pages of awesome business practicality.
  • Beautifully illustrated by Danish artist Frits Ahlefeldt.
  • Easy-use PDF for PC, Mac, iPad, and other devices.
  • Worksheets, Question guides, Bonus content for career professionals and solopreneurs.

The Aizuchi Playbook represents the Big Ideas about “Story” that concern business leaders today. It’s based on questions from my workshops, lessons learned from consulting projects, and lots of research over the past two years. I’ve gathered it all here for you to access.

What the Heck is Aizuchi?

Well, he’s not that new pitcher the Yankees are trying to sign…

But in the playbook, I will explain the communication concept known as aizuchi and how understanding it can help organizations think differently about their brands and their stories. Just enter your email address here or in the side bar and you’ll receive the Aizuchi Playbook.

You’re not alone. Everyone is trying to figure out how to create a stand-out brand. Walk through the steps and discover how to:

  • Find your best brand stories (including some surprising sources).
  • Break the story bias that inhibits great business branding.
  • Ensure you haven’t left any gaps in your story marketing strategy.
  • Craft a success story more likely to engage people from start to finish.
  • Build a versatile toolbox of stories for your sales & marketing funnel.
  • Leverage psychology research on topics like underdogs to stand out.

Download your free copy today.

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Aizuchi Playbook: Build Your Brand with Stories!