Leading Change Through Stories

Change leadership expert John Kotter of Harvard speaks candidly about the role of stories in influential communication. His research shows that leaders who share feelings and thoughts about organizational change in the form of a story can increase their chances of success. Slides and pie charts aren’t very motivating without a compelling story.

Where is your organization going in the coming year?  What conflicts do you intend to overcome? And have you developed and shared that strategic story with employees, clients, partners, and anyone else who needs to be engaged in the change?

“I think stories are important, number one because our brains are literally programmed for stories—that’s what the neurologists tell me. There’s something about it, if you look back in history, the way we’ve all developed, literally the brain absorbs stories very, very easily. It doesn’t absorb PowerPoint slides with 19 dots on them very easily”

“…And the best leaders that I’ve known over the years and certainly those that have been able to help organizations make the big changes that we increasingly need today somehow learn over their careers the power of stories, and they start to learn and tell them better and better.”

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