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Van Halen and the Brown M&M’s

Hard rockers Van Halen were infamous in the 1980’s for their onstage antics, off-stage partying, and the capricious demands they made from promoters. The best-known request in the very lengthy rider to their standard concert contract for was for a

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How to Craft B2B Stories That Everyone Someone Will Read.

Guest post by Tim Keelan of StoryQuest Several years ago, a client said to me, “I want you to develop stories so compelling that everyone of our sales people and customers will want to consume them.” I enthusiastically said, with

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See the Idea in the Story: Infographic Storytelling

The most effective stories communicate ideas and information with little effort. (At least it should be effortless for the listener.) But as information designer Jonathan Corum pointed out in a recent talk at the Tapestry Conference in Nashville, there is

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Becoming the Confident Raconteur

Guest post by Jeff Brunson Do you believe you have a story? As a leadership coach, I’ve built my life around helping individuals see their story. While the individuals with whom I work know they have a story, it simply

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A Business Love Story

  In honor of Valentine’s Day, seven things I love about the way stories work: Effective. Research shows that stories can touch our left and right brain hemispheres, for more impact than an exclusively numbers-based argument. Studies have even shown

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