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How to Craft B2B Stories That Everyone Someone Will Read.

Guest post by Tim Keelan of StoryQuest Several years ago, a client said to me, “I want you to develop stories so compelling that everyone of our sales people and customers will want to consume them.” I enthusiastically said, with

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Becoming the Confident Raconteur

Guest post by Jeff Brunson Do you believe you have a story? As a leadership coach, I’ve built my life around helping individuals see their story. While the individuals with whom I work know they have a story, it simply

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Can You Explain to Grandma?

“So what exactly do you do?” You will probably be asked some form of this question during Thanksgiving tomorrow or at other gatherings with family and friends in the coming months. Do you have a brief, meaningful answer ready? Or

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Consumers Hungry for Brand Stories

An October 2012 survey by Edelman Berland and Adobe found that American consumers are looking for deeper brand engagement than banner ads and social media “like” buttons. 73% of the 1000 adults surveyed agreed with the statement, “Advertisements should tell

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A Single Hero. Don’t Settle for More.

A quick question.  In rural Pakistan, how much lower is the literacy rate for females than it is for males? Well, chances are that you have no idea of the exact percentages, but you do know who Malala Yousufzai is.

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