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Book Review: Lead with a Story (Not Your Slides)

Paul Smith was nervous the first time he had to make a presentation to Proctor & Gamble CEO A. G. Lafley. His anxiety only increased when Lafley sat down with his back to the slide screen, and didn’t turn around

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Van Halen and the Brown M&M’s

Hard rockers Van Halen were infamous in the 1980’s for their onstage antics, off-stage partying, and the capricious demands they made from promoters. The best-known request in the very lengthy rider to their standard concert contract for was for a

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Why I Want a Computer to Tell Me a Story.

It’s often said that humans are hard-wired for story; that we learn and communicate through the code and language of stories. Some say that the capability for story learning is in our DNA. Yet for all this talk about “wiring”

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Can You Explain to Grandma?

“So what exactly do you do?” You will probably be asked some form of this question during Thanksgiving tomorrow or at other gatherings with family and friends in the coming months. Do you have a brief, meaningful answer ready? Or

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A Single Hero. Don’t Settle for More.

A quick question.  In rural Pakistan, how much lower is the literacy rate for females than it is for males? Well, chances are that you have no idea of the exact percentages, but you do know who Malala Yousufzai is.

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