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How to Diversify Your B2B Client Case Studies and Avoid Marketing Ruts

I have a relative who likes to tell the same story every time we see her. It’s a good story that makes people laugh, but it seems to be the only one she knows, and she tells it regardless of

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Consumers Hungry for Brand Stories

An October 2012 survey by Edelman Berland and Adobe found that American consumers are looking for deeper brand engagement than banner ads and social media “like” buttons. 73% of the 1000 adults surveyed agreed with the statement, “Advertisements should tell

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Six Big Mistakes in Selling with Customer Case Studies

A guest post by Casey Hibbard These days, buyers increasingly rely on the experiences of others to make decisions. We consult Amazon reviews before clicking “Add to Cart,” talk to friends about their restaurant experiences and read travel reviews. In

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Engaging Stories Top the List of B2B Marketing Ingredients

Engaging and compelling storytelling is seen as the top element of compelling business-to business technology marketing. Key findings: 81% of respondents listed storytelling as the key ingredient of effective marketing content. Case studies and white papers top the list of

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Addicted to Info (And How to Break the Habit)

  Are your salespeople addicted to sharing technical features with customers? Do they surround themselves in a fortress of information?  I will admit that I used to be like that!  (In fact, that’s how I was formally trained when I

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