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Book Review: Lead with a Story (Not Your Slides)

Paul Smith was nervous the first time he had to make a presentation to Proctor & Gamble CEO A. G. Lafley. His anxiety only increased when Lafley sat down with his back to the slide screen, and didn’t turn around

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Becoming the Confident Raconteur

Guest post by Jeff Brunson Do you believe you have a story? As a leadership coach, I’ve built my life around helping individuals see their story. While the individuals with whom I work know they have a story, it simply

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Does your business have a compelling future story to share?

As the new year begins, it’s time to ask about your future story. Call it a “vision story” if you like, because it will probably be more motivating and memorable than organizational mission and vision statements, which often sit on

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The Vulnerability Paradox

Stop and think of a blunder in your business or your personal life. Maybe it’s funny, embarrassing, or just plain dumb. What did you learn? Is there a situation in which you would ever be willing to share the story

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George Washington Told A Story Here

On President’s Day, school children often hear about George Washington’s wooden teeth, but his eyeglasses probably played a bigger role in the founding of America. In the winter of 1783, the Continental Army was on the brink of collapse. Though

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