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Does your business have a compelling future story to share?

As the new year begins, it’s time to ask about your future story. Call it a “vision story” if you like, because it will probably be more motivating and memorable than organizational mission and vision statements, which often sit on

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Can You Explain to Grandma?

“So what exactly do you do?” You will probably be asked some form of this question during Thanksgiving tomorrow or at other gatherings with family and friends in the coming months. Do you have a brief, meaningful answer ready? Or

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Story It. Like a Scientist!

What’s your strategy for explaining complex subjects to others? Whether your business is tech marketing, medical sales, legal consulting, non-profit leadership, or something else, your career success is related to your ability to communicate difficult topics effectively. It can be

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The Vulnerability Paradox

Stop and think of a blunder in your business or your personal life. Maybe it’s funny, embarrassing, or just plain dumb. What did you learn? Is there a situation in which you would ever be willing to share the story

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Don’t Omit Gritty Details: Can You Feel A Story?

When you hear that a leader has a “gritty style,” do you sometimes imagine gravel in your hand? The mind may be connecting common metaphors like this to the tactile areas of the brain. New brain imaging research published in

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