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Stand Out with Story

“What does your organization do that no other organization can do?” Asking this question connects you to your brand story. In this brief video excerpt from the 2012 Philanthropy Midwest Conference, courtesy of Ambitious Pixels, you can see how stories

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Living Your Brand Promise Beats Pushing the “Brand Button” in Emergencies

(Guest Post by Alex Greenwood) The easy way to say your company is meeting the needs of its brand promise is to break the glass in an emergency, reach in and push the “brand button.” In this context, an emergency

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Six Big Mistakes in Selling with Customer Case Studies

A guest post by Casey Hibbard These days, buyers increasingly rely on the experiences of others to make decisions. We consult Amazon reviews before clicking “Add to Cart,” talk to friends about their restaurant experiences and read travel reviews. In

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Addicted to Info (And How to Break the Habit)

  Are your salespeople addicted to sharing technical features with customers? Do they surround themselves in a fortress of information?  I will admit that I used to be like that!  (In fact, that’s how I was formally trained when I

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What’s Your Underdog Brand Story?

Psychology of Underdog Appeal I try to schedule most of my in town breakfast meetings at an independent coffee shop because I’d rather support the little guy and keep more of the money in the community. I figure that Starbucks

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