Client Success Stories


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Stories help us to learn, remember and make decisions. It’s how we’re wired.

Shouldn’t client success stories be part of your sales & marketing plan?

Are you purposefully sharing the best client success stories available?

Can you find the time to gather, record, and organize your client success stories?

More than ever before, stories remain one of the most potent ways to deeply connect with others. Research and life experience show us that data alone doesn’t fully inspire people. In our distracted 21st century lives, emotionally authentic stories stand out from the rest of the purposeless communication noise. Client success stories work so well for B2B marketing and sales because they are:

Product specifications and technical details are difficult to recall, but a compelling and emotionally engaging story lasts much longer in our minds. By sharing the story arc of how your solutions make a difference for your clients, your organization is more likely to be top of mind when it’s time for a purchasing decision.

Client success stories provide excellent value for your marketing dollar. A story produced from a single interview can be used in a variety of settings and formats. Use it on your website and social media channels to widen your marketing funnel. Print it for trade shows and targeted campaigns. Hand deliver it as a sales conversation starter for prospects who are farther along the sales pipeline. Include it in RFPs, investor presentations, media pitches, internal communications and more. The utility is amazing.

Is it sometimes difficult to explain exactly what you do? Clear writing will keep your products and services from getting lost in a sea of jargon and industry-speak. By focusing on the business results from the client organization’s perspective, stories simplify your communications beautifully.

Your clients can market your organization better than you can! By speaking in their own voices about the specific ways in which your products and services help them achieve their goals, your current clients provide solid credibility. Cases can proactively address unspoken concerns and common objections up front. All of this increases your prospective customers’ confidence to choose you and your organization.



Story Development Process

1. Goal Setting
First, we seek to understand your goals in a client success story program.

With whom do you want to communicate?
What do you want them to do?
How do you want them to feel about doing it?

2. StoryMining
Seven Story Learning works with your sales and marketing team to identify clients and projects that reveal your marketing goals.

Together, we’ll discuss storylines and key marketing themes that you’d like to illustrate, and which specific individual(s) in your client organizations are ideal for inviting and featuring. If you’re doing more than one story, we’ll help you think in terms of a StoryBank.

3. Invitation & Interview
Using our customized story invitation packet, you invite the selected clients for a 30 minute phone interview with Seven Story Learning.

We connect with your client, schedule and conduct the interview, and manage the story development process.

4. Draft, Design & Edit
After the interview, Seven Story Learning’s talented writers and designers develop a draft of the story for your review and comment, to your satisfaction.

Seven Story Learning ask for comments and edits from your client, until they are pleased, too.

5. Legal Release & Delivery
After you and your client approve the finished story, Seven Story Learning delivers a high-quality PDF suitable for printing and online use. The story is available for each organizations to use in their communications, sales and marketing.

Note that blinded stories are another option for clients of yours who agree to participate but who do not wish to be publicly named.




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