About: The Most Important Page On Your Website

The “About Page” is one of the most viewed sections on professional websites.  (I know it’s one of the first pages I investigate).  Yet many organizations don’t invest much time developing it.  Whether you call the page “Bio,” “Leadership Team,” or “Management,” most visitors want to know more about the leaders.   People do business with other people and are eager to know who’s running the show.  A well-written About Page can develop credibility and distinguish you and your organization from the crowd.

Stories can be part of the solution.  Don’t simply tell visitors some boilerplate about your degree from UCLA, XYZ certification, and the 22 clients in the Fortune 500. Facts alone aren’t as persuasive as they can be when wrapped in a story.   Consider sharing a story that fascinates and explains:

  1. Hero. How did you come to be in this profession?  Why did the founder decide to start the organization?  Give the reader reason to support you.  (There’s usually a great story buried in the answer to question #1).
  2. Explain. Who is your ideal client and what one thing do you want them to know about your organization?
  3. Conflict. Compelling stories are about people overcoming conflict.  Can you tell a story in which you solve the kind of problem that your ideal clients might have, using strengths that distinguish your organization from similar competitors?
  4. Relate. We trust people who reveal their humanity and vulnerability.  Personal interests, self-deprecating humor, mistakes made and lessons learned.

Take another look at your About Page today, and see what you think.

* “Standing Out from the Crowd”  photo courtesy of MrsLogic

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