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How to Diversify Your B2B Client Case Studies and Avoid Marketing Ruts

I have a relative who likes to tell the same story every time we see her. It’s a good story that makes people laugh, but it seems to be the only one she knows, and she tells it regardless of

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How to Craft B2B Stories That Everyone Someone Will Read.

Guest post by Tim Keelan of StoryQuest Several years ago, a client said to me, “I want you to develop stories so compelling that everyone of our sales people and customers will want to consume them.” I enthusiastically said, with

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Stand Out with Story

“What does your organization do that no other organization can do?” Asking this question connects you to your brand story. In this brief video excerpt from the 2012 Philanthropy Midwest Conference, courtesy of Ambitious Pixels, you can see how stories

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Does your business have a compelling future story to share?

As the new year begins, it’s time to ask about your future story. Call it a “vision story” if you like, because it will probably be more motivating and memorable than organizational mission and vision statements, which often sit on

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Can You Explain to Grandma?

“So what exactly do you do?” You will probably be asked some form of this question during Thanksgiving tomorrow or at other gatherings with family and friends in the coming months. Do you have a brief, meaningful answer ready? Or

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