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Warning! You can’t fake engaged listening.

While running a workshop with a group of international sales people, I asked the group to pair up for a listening skills activity. The catch was that one person had to spend five minutes solely asking questions – no statements

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B2B Case Studies: Beyond “Situation, Action, Result”

Where is the drama? Build a story to make B2B cases studies more engaging.     Don’t be boring! White papers and B2b cases studies traditionally use the abrupt and clunky “Situation, Action, Result” format, as if the steps just

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Make Story a Priority

The privileged status of story. Our minds prefer to prioritize stories more highly than they do communication in other forms of information, like lists and figures. University of Virginia Psychologist Daniel T. Willingham has referred to stories as “psychologically privileged.”

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The High-Mileage Marketing Case Study

The client success story is versatile marketing content Marketing case studies are high-mileage vehicles. A well-written success story breathes life and humanity into what others might have previously viewed as boring business problems. Even accounting can be a fun topic. I

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Let Me Tell You “About Me”

Why the story on your “About Me” page matters and how to improve it. Guest post by Daniel McInerny, CEO, The Comic Muse My passion is to help businesses and organizations tell their stories. I am an author of fiction

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