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Two Weeks to a Good Habit

I forgot to eat the chocolate! There’s a lot of motivation and inspirational talk going around this week, with New Year’s resolutions and the best of intentions in the air. But what we really need to change our behavior and

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Coffee, Lunch, Coffee, Network

Do you have a love-hate relationship with networking? Does the misperception that networking is cheesy, sleazy, and awkward keep you from putting together a plan that might actually help your career and your business? Perhaps you’ve networked effectively in the

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Engaging Stories Top the List of B2B Marketing Ingredients

Engaging and compelling storytelling is seen as the top element of compelling business-to business technology marketing. Key findings: 81% of respondents listed storytelling as the key ingredient of effective marketing content. Case studies and white papers top the list of

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Happy Birthday!

Seven Story Learning turns one year old on August 16th 2011 and it’s time to pause and reflect on what I learned in the first year. Perseverance. It’s relatively easy to start your own business, but very difficult to maintain. 

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Just Five Reasons for a (Sales) Meeting

Getting Things Done author David Allen tells us there are only five reasons for a business meeting.  Five. That’s it.  Make sure everyone agrees on the purpose of the meeting beforehand.  If you’re not sure of the reason, you have

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