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Stories: More Than Mountaintops

Some clients doubt their own ability to use stories in their communication repertoire because they equate storytelling primarily with famous speechmakers like Dr. Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and Winston Churchill. They hear top story practitioners and exclaim, “What great

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Stories Meld Minds

When we engage and listen deeply to another person’s story, our two minds literally begin to light up in tandem. Princeton researchers Greg Stephens, Lauren Silbert and Uri Hasson have shown that during effective communication a speaker’s brain activity can

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Curiosity Gave the Cat Ten Lives

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it gave the cat more life!  Many of us have lost our sense of curiosity, and the benefits it brings, says George Mason University Psychology Professor Todd Kashdan, in his book, Curious? Curiosity is naturally

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Hey, What’s the Big Idea? Experts, Pseudo-Experts and Novices.

Today, many professionals brand themselves as “experts” in their areas of work, but how can you tell the difference between the pseudo-experts and the real deal?  In How People Learn, John Bransford notes characteristics that distinguish a true expert in

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Seven Ways to Make Learning Fail

Organizations spend billions of dollars on “training” each year, with sometimes questionable results.  The October 2010 issue of McKinsey Quarterly has an excellent article titled, “Getting more from your training programs.”  I have a slight bias against the word “training”

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