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When Leaders Should NOT Tell Stories

Beauty and Danger: Stories Shouldn’t Live in Cages These days, leaders are frequently urged to tell stories to provide direction, navigate a crisis, or sell the next big thing. Yes, stories are powerful, but they shouldn’t be used recklessly or

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Decisive: Stories for Good Business Decisions

Why Your Intuition Isn’t Always Right Guess what?  I know that I’ve made some bad choices in the past year. You probably have, too! We’re not alone. 83% of corporate mergers and acquisitions fail to produce any value. In another

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Becoming the Confident Raconteur

Guest post by Jeff Brunson Do you believe you have a story? As a leadership coach, I’ve built my life around helping individuals see their story. While the individuals with whom I work know they have a story, it simply

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Wired for Story

“Stories are ancient technology. That’s why they still work so well in the digital age.” Whether you’re leading a business or non-profit, the power of stories for influential communication remains strong. In this brief video excerpt from the 2012 Philanthropy

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Story Radar (Not Everything is a Story)

Fine tune your story radar before launching into storytelling. The idea of storytelling for leadership and business is generating a lot of interest these days, as it well should. Stories are one of the most powerful ways to communicate. Stories

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