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Van Halen and the Brown M&M’s

Hard rockers Van Halen were infamous in the 1980’s for their onstage antics, off-stage partying, and the capricious demands they made from promoters. The best-known request in the very lengthy rider to their standard concert contract for was for a

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Why I Want a Computer to Tell Me a Story.

It’s often said that humans are hard-wired for story; that we learn and communicate through the code and language of stories. Some say that the capability for story learning is in our DNA. Yet for all this talk about “wiring”

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Struggling With a Problem? Try This Simple Creativity Technique

While his young students were busy solving the puzzles and challenges he gave them, Tony McCaffrey was deconstructing another question: What is creativity and how can it be learned? “I was an elementary school teacher for several years, and I

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Step away from that flipchart! Does group brainstorming kill creativity?

Alex Osborn popularized brainstorming in 1953. The process has been widely misused ever since. Researchers from Texas A&M University recently published the results of three experiments demonstrating that group brainstorming exercises can actually reduce, rather than enhance, creativity, due to

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