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Book Review: Lead with a Story (Not Your Slides)

Paul Smith was nervous the first time he had to make a presentation to Proctor & Gamble CEO A. G. Lafley. His anxiety only increased when Lafley sat down with his back to the slide screen, and didn’t turn around

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Decisive: Stories for Good Business Decisions

Why Your Intuition Isn’t Always Right Guess what?  I know that I’ve made some bad choices in the past year. You probably have, too! We’re not alone. 83% of corporate mergers and acquisitions fail to produce any value. In another

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Two Weeks to a Good Habit

I forgot to eat the chocolate! There’s a lot of motivation and inspirational talk going around this week, with New Year’s resolutions and the best of intentions in the air. But what we really need to change our behavior and

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Coffee, Lunch, Coffee, Network

Do you have a love-hate relationship with networking? Does the misperception that networking is cheesy, sleazy, and awkward keep you from putting together a plan that might actually help your career and your business? Perhaps you’ve networked effectively in the

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Curiosity Gave the Cat Ten Lives

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it gave the cat more life!  Many of us have lost our sense of curiosity, and the benefits it brings, says George Mason University Psychology Professor Todd Kashdan, in his book, Curious? Curiosity is naturally

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